Tips to match socks over knee

What we have seen in countless times and also I have commented, the inspiration setentera is very present in the current fashion, but looking ahead to next fall will also come many influences of the eighties and also nineties, as the socks-over knee.

this Is socks extra long to be left on the knee, producing an effect very much in the style lolita French both took in the decade of the nineties. There are those that say that this trend is not suitable for all women, because it also depends on the age and if you have the legs a little fat, since this class of socks, the only thing that will accentuate the legs.

The socks over knee provide a look very casual but also sexy, and if combined well can even be quite elegant. How dare you putting them on?

How to combine socks over knee?

With an outfit in a single color, and use these socks in another different tone will bring a style very youthful and even fun, safe that won’t go unnoticed wherever you go.

These socks, you can combine them with an Oxford style, or preppy, providing you with a sensual appearance and at the same time naive. Test with colors navy blue, black or beige. If you want a style that is “student” can not miss the skirts of tables and a few white socks in the style sports, you will become a true lolita.

If your personality is overwhelming and you don’t mind risking at the time you dress, you can always opt for these socks using a few shorts and some sneakers or sneakers, you will be the sensation of the gym!

For special occasions or for day-to-day

socks over knee not only provide an informal look to lucirr from time to time but also we can use them in our day-to-day, providing them with some stilettos. In this case the colors most suitable are the neutral. In addition, a night skirt can bring a great style, whether it is simple as if you are wearing glitter, ruffles, etc

To go a little more discreet with this trend, choose shoes the same color as the socks, preferably black, since it is, as always, a safe bet that it looks good in all outfits.

The features of these socks can make our legs look more streamlined. Combine them with a stiletto heel can be risky, but it is a point in your favor if you want to look leg.

Another option is the use of short skirts in pastel shades or turquoise, to which we will accompany with wool jumpers, may be the ideal option to get a look of the most original. To finish with the touch teenager that provide socks over knee you can choose calzarte heeled shoes, making the look much more romantic and “adult”.

it Is clear that this outfit is not for all women, but what we do know is that it is one of the major trends we will see for the next months of autumn. Do you feel like putting them on?

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