Key fashion for the fall

fall is just around the corner and as we love to keep you informed of what will be the trends that can not miss in the outfits for your day-to-day, we have created a guide styles with which you’ll be able to start the season with a lot of style.

These will be the trends of fall fashion

we Begin by an important accessory as the belt, which will charge a big role in our outfits because that will be the best ally to define our silhouette, as for example in a jersey oversize or with the shirt of our boy. Remember, the belt always maxi version.

The velvet will return to raze in the next season of autumn, both in garments as full as with decor in this tissue. You will find it on pants, jackets, dresses, bags or booties. It is a fabric that brings elegance and glamour, especially during the night, but this season the velvet goes back to a proposal for the day, particularly if you know how to combine and look properly.

If the inspiration of the decade of the seventies has come to stay with us in the fall also we find many reminiscences of the 80s such as jackets, boleros, dresses asymmetrical, transparencies, raincoats, and one of the great classics, the shoulder pads XL.

it Is as if volviésemos to the time of the Movida Madrileña, because, once again, the follies of fashion, and many of the garments that surely renegaste to put yourself in their time. Sure that many of them never think that they would be fashionable as for example the pants fuseau.

Style upholstery, a surprise of the season

The style of upholstery will be another of the trends of the next fall thanks to designers like Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren among others. Quiet, you will not go as an upholstered capitone down the street, but with a trend clearly marked by the interior design, something that not all women would be encouraged to use.

If we take a look at some of the proposals of these designers we find dresses that well seem to be made-curtains or duvets.

The plumífero also accompanied us during the last half of the eighties and first years of the nineties. To fall back with great force, although it does not necessarily need to be filled with feathers but that you will find with a cushioned sole.

fashion Firms and designers such as Courregès, Stella McCartney or Balenciaga among others, are betting on this kind of puffy jackets and with great inspiration sport.

The ballet will also have its role in the styling of the autumn. Valentino, Stella McCartney or Alberta Ferretti are just a few of the names that are committed to dancers of satin, skirts of tulle or even jerseys. Only for the most daring.

we end with another classic eighties, the tandem of dress suspenders and a fleece sweater underneath, although it may be more appropriate for the colder days of hell and in the autumn it is better to change the jersey for a white t-shirt.

Without a doubt, some of these outfits are quite risky and are not for all women. What do you think of these trends?

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